My React.js Lab

1. React.js responsive website of projects

Full-stack project

React.js website
User-friendly mobile responsive website built with React.js to showcase different frontend and backend projects and apps
Continuous update and integration using GitHub pipeline
2. React.js Interactive Calendar App

Full-stack project

Interactive Calendar App
Uses the browser’s date API for a live calendar
Daily events can be added or deleted (uses local storage)

3. Fluid Lightbox Popup

Front-end project

Fluid Lightbox Popup
Responsive gird of images with soft zoom effect on hover
HD Full screen image pop up on click

4. React.js Breaking Bad API

Full-stack project

React.js Breaking Bad API
Fetch API using Async function and Await promise
Responsive gird of images with card flip effect on hover
Filter query to render info and image from characters
Search input with name filter

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